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About Me


DJ Live Session


Trio & Quartet

I started my music carrier playing with various Rock, Fusion, Pop bands. I have had plenty experience in various fields of music; from a session musician to FOH engineer with famous Italian artists such as: New Trolls, Donatella Rettore, Scialpi, Dik Dik, Marisa Sacchetto; DJ song writer, arranger and player too.




I also collaborated with: Pooh, Gianni Morandi, Rita Forte, Martufello, Giorgio Faletti, Raoul Cremona, Pamela Prati.


My television experiences include:


RAI UNO "A voice for Europe" a singers competition in which, with my 4 musicians band we reached the final (1989);


In an ENDEMOL TV production which was broadcast on SKY I was featured as a pianist playing in the TV show "I CHOOSE YOU" (2008)

My services may suite variety of gatherings in: Hotels, Golf Clubs, Piano bar, early-evening in Discotheque, Live Music Bar, Casinò, Private Parties and Restaurants.

My performance is always different and exciting. I choose songs to play depending on the ambience and the audience. Sometimes just acoustic piano, can work as a background music.


All these  unforgettable melodies will entertain guests during a  dinner. In other case there could be dynamic and entertaining music, which I always play and sing live on the stage.

My musical performance genres are: Hit, Pop, Teckno, Disco, Dance, Funky, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Swing, Bossa, Standard, Evergreens: ITALIANS, RUSSIANS (with a Russian Singer) and INTERNATIONALS.

After many years of collaborations with DJs in the studio recording (productions, arrangements), and live (discos, private parties), I felt the necessity to perform as "LIVE DJ" too.

My "sets" are: House, Deep House, Chillout, Lounge and Commercial.


I show a difference way then a standard DJ SET,

because I play live sessions, overlapping at the

house, deep house songs with a wide variety of

sounds: Piano, Synthesizer, Hammond, Sax ...



singular personal performance, surely different by the ordinary DJ sets.


My DJ SET is not closely linked to the LIVE, and then I am also available only as DJ.

It is a kind of performance, which is getting increasingly present in the musical entertainment but with a

I collaborate with many female singers, to have different kind of voices available. This allows me to be always available, even for  unexpected events.

A classic duet, with a female voice, allow me to play a wide variety of songs.

The trio and quartet, becomes more emotional and powerful through the presence of further and with different approaches of female voices, which allows me to expand the range of musical genres, versatility and the animation of the visual impact.